When Passion and Fun Meet . . . 

Our newest release . . . !

- The Story -

After the adventures they'd had on Mother's Day, the fantasy creatures might have a role to play once more on Valentine's Day.

 - The Characters -

"She's been that way as far as I can remember . . . there is nothing that I can think of as clearly as I think of her beautiful smile whenever I remember her. "

Florence Clyde:
Lord Clyde, son of Lord Frank Clyde, Earl of Hasterly. Living in one of his father's minor estates in Devonalls, he's a master of the sword arts. Mostly withdrawn and shy, his only company is his closest friend, Oliver, and his childhood sweetheart, Isabella.

Oliver Maxfield:
Florence's closest friend since childhood, he lived with his mother and grandfather when a child, before both passed away and he was left to survive on his own. He's a skillful hunter and nothing can beat his bow in action. Personality-wise, he's quiet and wise, never afraid to speak his mind on any topic, especially if it had to do with his friend, Florence.

Isabella Songbook:
Florence's sweetheart since childhood, she's lost her eyesight in an accident when she was young. Nevertheless, despite being a kind and a gentle soul, she was strong enough to face her disability and overcome it, remaining as cheerful as she had ever been. Her father is Mr. Jason Songbook, a rich farmer with a large estate.

- Screenshots -

- Features -

  • Quite the interactive game-every item is placed on the map for a reason.
  • 3 different endings depending on how you play.
  • Make your way through intriguing battles and mind-blowing puzzles to reach your goal.
  • Detailed graphics with beautiful music to take you right into the heart of the atmosphere.
  • Changeable title screen-each time you launch the game you could see a different title screen.
  • Around 2 hours of enjoyable and exciting gameplay.
  • A mouse system for easy navigation.