When Passion and Fun Meet . . . 

- The Story -

You are a 14 year old girl who lives in a small, peaceful village called Lilycup. As Mother's Day was approaching, you had no idea that it was so close although you wanted to give a special present to your mother. And when you remember, things go so different from what you had expected. Little did you know, that fantasy and magic had to do with you more than you know . . .

 - The Characters -


The main character who you get to choose her name. You are 14 years old with a happy, pretty personality. You are loved by everyone in Lilycup, but like everyone you have your faults. You were always fond of magical fairytales and myths.

One of your best and closest friends. Aeris is a cheerful girl with a playful personality. She can be naughty sometimes but it's all in her favor. Despite being so carefree, she likes to do most of the work and adores going out.

Aeris's sister and your second best friend. Farah is 16 years old, older than you and Aeris. She has a more mature personality and is usually quiet and shy. She likes being to close to her mother, thus always remembering about Mother's Day and her birthday.

- Screenshots -