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Yup, first update in a while . . .

Posted on January 10, 2015 at 3:35 PM

Hey guys! How have you been? Sorry there hasn't been much of an update recently-I hate college and how busy it makes me. XD

Well, I have a couple of exams left to do before I can enjoy my winter vacation (which is just a couple of weeks or something but oh well . . . ) but I am already thinking ahead of what to do. XD Movies to watch, stories to write, games to make . . . you get the idea. XD

Although honestly, I haven't had any inspiration for a new game yet. Stories are always in my mind but games are more difficult. :3 I can't even decide whether I'd like to work on a long game or a short one yet. The longest we have right now is Fantasy on Valentine's Day and that's just about 2 hours worth of gameplay. A long game needs time commitment, patience and more importantly, the ability not to give up on it halfway. :v

I had a number of tries before and needless to say, they were big failures. :D Although it could be because I had an unsettled personal life back then with lots of traveling and moving about, and I was young and pretty unexperienced. Still, I can't tell if I would be patient enough. Perhaps if there is enough audience motivating me though, that could make a difference. XD

So yup, that's the update for now. :D I'll try to post more and ehh, yeah, I need to put more work into this site really. And the forums have been dead too . . .

But at least some good news. We're near the 200 downloads for Fantasy on Valentine's Day! And the downloads just keep going up . . . I'd just love for a rating or two to get the game more up there. D:

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