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The site is soon to be released . . .

Posted on September 25, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Hi everyone,

This, I suppose, is a post for the future. XD The site isn't released yet but it definitely will be released during this week along with the release of our newest game, Fantasy on Valentine's Day. I must say I'm excited and optimistic this time-the site is definitely far better than past versions and well, it's released with 3 completed games and that's an advantage on its own. :D

I am also quite enthusatic about the release of Fantasy on Valentine's Day. Personally, I think it's the game I've enjoyed working on the most and came with the best results as well. Well, I do believe that this will be better than Arabian Nights and Fantasy on Mother's Day. XD

I started working on this game back in February, I think. I was quite excited back then as I got the inspiration for the idea, and started working for a couple of weeks non-stop, finishing a whole lot of work of it, around 80% I'd say, proudly. XD But then college started and with its stress taking its toll on me, I had to put the project on halt for some months, and only resumed working on it again in around July or August.

And well, we're approaching the end of September, and I'm about to release it. ^^

Reminds me that I released Fantasy on Mother's Day back in September, too. Hmm that's a good sign. XD

Well, stay tuned-I say this to myself more than anything now XD-Snow Rose Games is coming as fast as a train! :v XD


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