When Passion and Fun Meet . . . 

Who are we ?

 It took time and effort to create them but they're here . . .

Snow Rose Games started back in February 2008 when there were simple attempts at making an enjoyable RPG game by Neveen Mohamed [Miss Nile], with its first but abandoned project Together Forever. Going through a lot of attempts and abandoned projects, the first completed game was finally released in September 2009: Fantasy on Mother's Day.

  Snow Rose Games went through a lot of ups and downs, starting as a simple forum, then experienced a name change for a while, going by Winter Ivy Games, before coming back to being Snow Rose again. 

And now, Snow Rose is taking a final shape into this website, releasing new forums along with the release of our newest game: Fantasy on Valentine's Day.

Currently, Miss Nile works alone on her projects, depending on public resources. If you'd like to join our team, please contact us and we'll be most pleased to have you co-operate with us! 

You can reach us through our contact forms or our forums.