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Inspiration Finally Striked! :D

Posted on April 12, 2015 at 1:50 PM

Hey everyone!

It's been some time since I've last updated, but I finally have some quality update. :D

Remember how last post I was desperate for any ideas? :v I was really keen on making a new game but there were simply no stories in mind. Well, as they say, inspiration finally striked. XD

I won't reveal any details story-wise right now, but let's just say that this game will be a tad longer than the previous games. The big surprise? It's not made in RPG Maker XP, so it's a whole new style. That's right, I've finally developed and decided to switch to RPG Maker VX Ace. :X

I've already started mapping, as well as laying out the basics for the game systems. Furthermore, the main characters have graphics which is something not found in any of our previous games. :D (Online resources, yes, but still. . . :v)

Anyways, I have a screenshot. :D Everything is a work-in-progress and subject to change, but let's take a look at how things are supposed to be:

Comments, everyone? I'd appreciate them!

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